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About Us

Music education specialists, Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen, founded Kids Music Company (KMC) in New Zealand in 1989. Since then, they have created, developed, and run this successful business and inspired children worldwide to learn through and benefit from stimulating, holistic, and fun music activities. 
  Janet and Wendy's original music inspires children to be actively involved in learning, starting from a very early age. Their music is designed, tested, and developed through their own teaching, ensuring young learners' successful participation, enjoyment, and learning.

 Year after year Janet and Wendy witness the positive contribution music and movement makes to a young child's growth and development; mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Seeing the positive results for themselves and listening to comments and vital feedback from parents has encouraged Janet and Wendy to continue writing and recording original resources for children.

 Adults who share these musical experiences with their children see, first hand, how easily children learn when they are having fun. Knowing young children learn best through experience; Janet and Wendy advocate the Orff style of teaching. This was developed by Carl Orff in the 1930's and is well respected around the world in the field of music education.

 From a wealth of teaching experience and course work with Orff practitioners from around the world, Janet and Wendy have carried these whole-body whole-brain principals into their song writing, adding a whole new dimension by creating musical songs and activities that support multi-sensory learning and subsequent brain growth. This additional dimension sets KMC's music-based programmes apart from most other children's music.

Janet and Wendy are mulit-award winning writers, and for a remarkable nine consecutive years their work has been recognized in the United Kingdom 'Practical Pre-school' awards, with their latest; a very impressive Gold, awarded in 2011. 

In addition to music-based programmes, KMC produces accompanying manuals and CDs, thus enabling teachers and caregivers worldwide to share successful learning opportunities with their children.

Australian Director: Heather Monro

Heather is a qualified and highly experienced kindergarten teacher. She has taught for over 25 years and is a confident and dynamic motivator of children and adults. In 2004 Heather completed her Grad Cert in Orff Schulwerk music at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. She also spends some time in New Zealand at the Kids Music Company School, fuelling her drive to teach more music. After running KMC in Australia part time for two years, she finished teaching kinder at the end of 2006 to work for the Company full time.